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The Mastercard Prepaid Payroll Card and Smart Wallet Bundle

CIB's Mastercard Prepaid Payroll card is made for payroll customers with salaries up to EGP 3,000. Once customers activate their card, they will automatically be registered to the CIB Smart Wallet, where they can perform multiple digital transactions, like paying bills and transferring funds to other wallets in Egypt, according to limits set by CIB.

MasterCard Prepaid Payroll Card Privileges

Customers can use the card to complete a range of transactions, including:

  • Purchasing directly from merchants
  • Shopping online
  • Replacing the card directly with the Bank without having to go to the company's HR department
  • Completing contactless transactions for enhanced safety
  • International purchasing and withdrawals
  • Depositing money on the card from any CIB ATM
  • Cash withdrawal from any CIB/Non-CIB ATM

Fees & Charges

  • Payroll Prepaid Card's issuance fees are EGP 20, deducted from the company as per the contract's clauses related to the Payroll package with CIB*
  • There are no CIB ATM withdrawal fees applicable
  • Non-CIB ATM withdrawal fees are EGP 5**

Required Documents

To apply, employees must provide a valid national ID and a complete application. The Bank also must receive the applicant's employee data from their company to be used as the applicant's proof of income, and the employee's company must be registered as a CIB payroll company.

Smart Wallet Features

The CIB Smart Wallet is a mobile application that allows customers to:

  • Transfer funds to any other wallet in Egypt easily and securely
  • Pay their bills directly without visiting an ATM
  • Withdraw or deposit funds using any ATM in Egypt
  • Perform e-commerce transactions
  • Benefit from most of Fawry's services (donations, bill payments, etc.)
  • Make online purchases using a secure virtual online card
  • Purchase from any merchant by scanning their QR code
  • Recharge their mobile credit or pay their mobile bills
  • Withdraw their salary easily using any Fawry access if they're not near an ATM

Learn more about the Smart Wallet.

* Payroll Prepaid Card's issuance fees are waived until 31 December 2020.

** Non-CIB ATM withdrawal fees are waived until 31 December 2020.(Inside Egypt Only).


Terms and conditions apply.

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