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Takamol Fund

Takamol Fund

Combine the growth potential of Egyptian equities with the stability of fixed-income investments.

Most investors want to maximize their returns without being exposed to high risk. Takmol Fund is a balanced fund that offers the best of both worlds, equities growth and stable fixed-income investments.

Fund Benefits

  • Long-term Investment: Takamol Fund is an open-ended fund.
  • High Accumulated Returns with Moderate Risk: Investors achieve growth through investing in equities and stability through investing in fixed-income instruments.
  • Liquidity: Customers can sell units on a weekly basis regardless of the maturity dates of the fund's fixed-income instruments.
  • Accessibility: Subscriptions can be placed daily until 12:00 noon and redemptions weekly through CIB's more than 180  branches across Egypt.
  • No Subscription and Redemption Fees: All subscription and redemption transactions are executed for free.
  • Professional Management: Takamol Fund is professionally managed by CI Capital Asset Management.
  • Balanced Diversification: Takamol Fund ticks all the boxes for a conservative investor who wants to benefit from the potential growth represented by the stock market. 


Investment Guidelines

Asset TypeMaximum Allocation
Fixed-income Investments40% of portfolio
Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds100% of fixed income investments
Corporate Bonds60% of fixed income investments
Repurchase Agreements50% of fixed income investments
Deposits75% of fixed income investments
Money-market and Fixed-income Funds40% of fixed income investments
Certificates of Deposit20% of fixed income investments
Equity Investments70% of portfolio
Single Sector30% of equity investments
Equity Funds20% of equity investments


Fund Features

  • Minimum subscription is 1 investment certificate.
  • Subscriptions are available daily until 12:00 noon, to be settled on the following working day.
  • Redemption requests must be presented on the first working day in the week and are settled on the following working day.
  • No subscription or redemption fees.



Takamol Fund fact sheet -November 2020.pdf

Takamoul Prospectus 2020.pdf020.pdf

For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch
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