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CIB will help you finance the installment of solar panels at your 数字货币合约交易教程_瑞波币合home with loans of up to EGP 350,000 and a 50% discount on administrative fees  We also offer preferential interest rates and flexible repayment periods up to five years.


As electricity prices rise, more people are looking to Egypt's renewable resources to power their daily lives. Egypt is blessed with an abundance of sun and vast lands that make solar power the perfect solution. Over the long term, solar panels can reduce your electricity bill, reduce your environmental footprint, and help move the planet to a greener future.


From government agencies to large and small enterprises, everyone is investing in affordable, green energy. CIB is pleased to help bring solar energy solutions to your door with realistic financing options and highly reputable vendors.



  • Loan amounts up to EGP 350,000
  • Loans cover up to 100% of the cost of solar panels[
  • 50% discount on administrative fees
  • Preferential interest rate of 14.5%
  • Flexible loan tenor of up to 5 years


To apply now on a loan from CIB,  visit the below link :


For more details about CIB Solar Loan :​

  • Visit your nearest CIB Branch
  • Call us at 19666
  • Contact your CIB personal banker


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